10 April Fool’s Day Pranks And Gag Gift Ideas

10 April Fool’s Day Pranks And Gag Gift Ideas

April Fool’s Day is coming up so if you don’t already have some good pranks and fun gag gifts ready, check out our last minute prank and gag gift ideas!

To be on the safe side, these are all fun pranks and gag gifts, not potentially harmful ones.  Hopefully?

Deceiving Foods

Cookie Dough Recipe April Fool's Prank

One thing I know is you never mess with a hungry person’s food… unless it’s April Fool’s Day! Time to offer someone some food that looks delicious so when they bite into it, their face changes instantly to “what the?!”

Yep, we wrote a list of funny April Fool’s Day Recipe Ideas To Trick Your Friends that includes a “chocolate chip dip” that is actually bean dip (pictured above) to “chocolate chip cookies” that are actually mashed potatoes with beans.

Just be ready to witness their facial expression after that one bite!

Fake Lottery Tickets

Fake Lotto Ticket

Getting someone who plays the lottery regularly fake lottery tickets would be a hilarious April Fool’s gift. Though, make sure you tell them before they do something drastic like tell their bosses to screw themselves.

Plug Your Phone Into That Outlet… Sticker

Gag Gift Outlet

I guarantee you someone has asked you “can I charge my phone somewhere?” Well, that time has come where you let them “plug in” their charger on a fake outlet.

Moldy Sandwich Bag Prank

Moldy Sandwich Bag

Do you know someone who brought a sandwich into work for lunch and put it in the fridge? Well, try switching it out with this Moldy Sandwich Bag! When they go grab it for lunch, they’ll think it went bad.

Head In A Jar In Fridge Prank

Fake Head In Fridge Prank

Speaking of messing with somebody’s food and the fridge, why not put this fake head in a jar to scare the crap out of people when they get their lunch?

Fizzling Coke Bottle

Coke April Fools Prank

Do you have a friend that loves drinking coke? Get them one… but tie a mentos mint to the bottom of the cap so when they open it, it drops in and fizzles! Check out the step-by-step images here.

Toss Wine In Their Face

Bring this into work and when someone asks “you’re drinking on the job?!” Reply with “Don’t tell me what to do!” Then pick up your glass and motion like you’re going to toss it in their face.

Ah Crap!

I guess they were in a crappy situation! You may or may not have to get a couple of Fake Poops because there’s a high chance someone’s gonna actually clean it up and flush it down the toilet.

Cracked iPhone Screen… Sticker

Cracked iPhone Case Sticker Prank

I’m sure you wouldn’t be the only one pissed if you came back to your phone knowing someone was using it to find the screen cracked. Well, if someone trusted you to use their phone, wait till they leave and put this iPhone screen sticker on it.

Can You Turn On The Lamp?

Bug Lamp Prank

Simple, easy and if they’re terrified of bugs then that makes it more funny… for you.

Good luck! You may have just started a prank war!

10 April Fools Day Gifts and Pranks