Funny Father’s Day Gag Gift Ideas

Funny Father’s Day Gag Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re tired of getting him the same ties then try switching it up and getting him a funny Father’s Day gag gift. We have some gag gift ideas just for you to help out!

World’s Best Farter (I Mean Father) Shirt

I’m pretty convinced every father likes to fart in front of their kids and the older they get, the more they don’t care about letting one loose. Well, here’s a good Father’s Day gag gift to get them to remind them they’re the best farter in the world!

You can get this World’s Best Farter Shirt at Amazon here

Toilet Golf (Potty Putter Mini Golf Set)

If your dad is an avid golfer, but for some reason he can’t play as often as he’d like, why not bring the golf game to him… or at least to his bathroom! He can put while he’s on the potty!

You can get this Toilet Golf at Amazon here

Stress Relief Sack

Grabbing your sack as a stress reliever and a gag gift for your father, genius!

You can get this Stress Relief Sack at Amazon here

Man Bowl

Get your father his very own bowl – the Man Bowl!

The Man Bowl is available at Amazon here

“I’m Kinda A Big Dill” Mug

If your father loves puns, I’m sure he’ll get a good laugh out of this “I’m Kinda A Big Dill” mug.

This “I’m Kinda A Big Dill” Mug is available at Amazon here

“The Walking Dad” Shirt

If your dad is a Walking Dead fan then you have to get him this Walking Dad shirt. Come on, it’ll be funny and I guarantee it’ll instantly become his favorite shirt!

This Walking Dad Shirt is available at Amazon here

Biggest Backscratcher

Is your dad always complaining about his back itching and he can’t reach that certain spot? Well, now there won’t be any excuses left when you get him the biggest backscratcher he’ll ever see!

The Biggest Backscratcher is available at Amazon here

“If You Can Read This Bring Me A Beer” Socks

Is your dad always asking you to bring him a cold one? Well, these socks would fit him perfectly then!

These socks are available at Amazon here

Face/Butt Towel

In case your dad is always reminding you to get your head out your butt, let him you that you know the difference by getting him this face/butt towel.

The Face/Butt Towel is available at Amazon here

Remote Controlled Beer Pager

Never let your dad lose where his beer is again! He can page his beer whenever it goes missing.

Now finding the remote to the pager is another issue.

The Remote Controlled Beer Pager is available at Amazon here

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Let us know what other funny gag gifts you would get him!