April Fool’s Day Pranks For Adults

April Fool’s Day Pranks For Adults

April Fool’s Day Gifts And Prank Ideas – April Fool’s Day is quickly approaching so it’s time to get some pranks in! Of course, with the pranks, you’ll need the setup for them. Whether you’re setting up someone with gag gifts, looking for ideas or needing to buy something for the prank, we got you covered!

Here are some ideas for April Fool’s Day to you can use on your coworkers, friends or whoever else you decide you want to prank.

Trump Toilet Talker

Trump Toilet Talker

Just imagine someone who is finally looking for some peace and quiet while they’re handling business on the toilet and when they go to wipe, they hear Donald Trump’s voice.

This would be hilarious especially if they’re not a fan of Trump.

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Potato Chip Can Snake Surprise

Just imagine you’re at work and people constantly like to share food or steal yours, this makes for such an easy setup. Simply leave this potato chip can on your desk and that coworker that loves to pick at your snacks will simply come over and want to try it because it’s a “new” type they’ve never tried before. Then surprise!

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Shark Attack Mug

Shark Attack Mug

Do you offer to get your coworker a cup of coffee in the mornings? Well, this will scare the shit out of them after they’ve taken a few sips!

But if you do use this as a funny April Fool’s Day prank, keep in mind that there’s a chance they spill the drink and throw the cup to break it.

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Electric Shock Rubix Cube

Challenge your friends to see if they can solve this fake Rubix cube, which they won’t because it’ll deliver a quick (yet safe) electric shock.

Let’s see how many times you can get the same person to keep trying while using the excuse “oh, it was probably just a static shock”.

Click here for more details on the Electric Shock Rubix Cube

Lunch Bug Sandwich

Lunch Bug Sandwich Bags

Know someone that brings a sandwich to lunch regularly? Try swapping their sandwich and putting it into this sandwich bag that makes it seem like there’s a bug on it. It’ll catch them by surprise without actually putting a bug on their sandwich.

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Squirt Lighter

Are you a smoker and around people who constantly ask if you have a lighter they can use? Well, here’s a perfect way to prank them! Let them borrow your lighter and watch them squirt themselves with water!

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Always Turns Positive Pregnancy Prank

I just want to say this prank is mean, cruel and all that bad stuff so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know for sure whoever you’re pulling the prank on can handle it.

With that said, this fake pregnancy test always turns positive… but again, this way be taking it a little too far. You’ve been warned.

Click here for details of the Fake Pregnancy Prank

Shocking Gum

Are your friends or coworkers always asking you for a piece of gum? Well, this time offer it to them and they’ll get a good shock when they grab a piece… and it’ll make them second guess asking you for one again!
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Fake “Voice Activated” Prank Stickers

Ever wondered what it would look like seeing someone just randomly yell at a vending machine… or a hand dryer… or a water fountain… or a coffee maker… man, the list is endless! Carefully place one of these “Voice Activated” stickers on one of the mentioned items above and see if they fall for it… then see how long it takes them to realize it’s not really “voice activated”.

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Fake Parking Tickets

No one likes getting parking tickets; and definitely no one likes getting parking tickets for absolutely no reason. Well, let’s see how mad they get when they find out they got a fake ticket!

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Those are some fun April Fool’s Day gifts and prank ideas that you can try out. All of them are within fun (except the pregnancy prank is borderline mean) so feel free to try them out!

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