What exactly is a ‘Gifthole’?

You know those people who try to sign their friends or significant others’ cards that actually got gifts so they can take some credit for it because they either forgot or were too lazy to get one of their own? Yep, that is a ‘Gifthole’.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s happened to the best of us.  The good news is you’re taking one step closer by visiting this page and getting a last minute gift on your own!

What is Gifthole.com all about?

We are here to give as many last minute gift ideas to those that are in need who happen to forget and are trying to avoid becoming a ‘Gifthole’.  Let’s face it, you probably were denied from signing friends or significant others’ cards and don’t want to be that one person whom doesn’t get a gift.

Plus, the person you forgot about, shouldn’t they mean something to you to get them a thoughtful, yet, last minute gift, by yourself?

If you’re still reading this About page, you’re probably going to end up a ‘Gifthole’.