Healthy Gift Ideas for Men

Healthy Gift Ideas for Men

When it comes to healthy living and wellness, the days are gone when guys have to, “tough it out,” through their daily lives. Now that science is starting to equate things like aromatherapy with improved performance, men can feel empowered by gifts that used to be perceived as fluff.

Here are some gift ideas that they may want but aren’t quite ready to buy for themselves.

philips energy lightPhilips Wake Light
This is a great way to wake up in the morning, especially when getting up before sunrise. Philips manufactures lamps that simulate sunrise starting 30 minutes prior to the alarm, making it easier to transition from sleep to wakefulness.

Philips goLite Blu Energy Light

Of course, if waking up is still a problem, there’s always Energy Lights. Not only do they work in the Winter, they also work while you’re working. Get in a 20-minute session during lunch to feel energized.

Check out both types of lights at

aromatherapyAromatherapy Diffuser
If you think scents are just for women, think again. I’ve been in cars where the guy collected air fresheners while another would burn incense in his car just because he loved the smell. Scents are for everyone and an easy way to elevate anyone’s mood is through essential oils and aromatherapy.

Diffusers for aromatherapy come in all shapes and sizes these days.

Used for anything from alertness to falling asleep, check out the pendant-type diffusers at AromaTools. They could be fashioned to hang from his car’s rear view mirror if pendants aren’t really his thing.

Compression Socks

Highly recommended after a long hike, bicycle ride, or any other endurance excursion. The idea is to get the blood flowing more quickly to the muscles to alleviate cramping and promote healing.
Once they fall in love with these, they might start dropping hints about compression shorts and pants.

Men need longer yoga mats

Yoga Gear

Yes, Real Men do yoga. That they only practice on dirt or on cement loading docks in back alleys is just a myth. There are two things to take into consideration though – taller people need longer mats. Anyone over 6′ tall should use an 84″ mat.

You can find some great yoga clothes for men, as well as other manly yoga gear, over at REI.

Acupressure Mat

The Swedish Bed of Nails (also known as a Shakti Mat) is now portable and it’s getting rave reviews. It’s supposedly great for reducing stress after what sounds like a break-in period… for him, not the mat.
You can find them on Amazon and get it quickly with Prime.

Skora is a nice alternative to Vibram Five Fingers

Skora is a nice alternative to Vibram Five Fingers

Skora Running Shoes

If he’s into running and likes the “natural” feel of Vibram Five Fingers, check out this great alternative. It’s a minimalist running shoe without the without the separated toes weirdness.

At Skora