Unique and Cheap Gift Ideas for Mom’s Birthday

Unique and Cheap Gift Ideas for Mom’s Birthday

Your Mom’s birthday is right around the corner and you’re stressing because you don’t have the funds together yet for that Aston Martin DB9 she’s been swooning over.

Relax. As much as she loves that car, she loves you even more. Don’t forget, she’s framed finger paintings you did before you were old enough to spell, “Finger.”

With Mom, it really is the the thought that counts. So, what can you do to make her day memorable?

Here’s a few suggestions.

DIY Yoga Sling Sandals

If your Mom loves yoga, you can make a pair of yoga sling sandals like Sanuk Yoga Sling 2’s but even cheaper. All you need is a bunch of stretchy fabric and a pair of flip flops from Old Navy or the dollar store.

Check out Down Home Inspiration for the details. The video was filmed by her 8 year old, so props to her for the Trust Factor.

A Memories Book
This was a cool gift idea that my niece did for my sister-in-law’s 50th birthday. She sent out messages to all of her mom’s friends and family, asking for a significant memory that involved her mom – funny, touching – anything. She then compiled printed them out and put them in a book for her mom to read.

This is a unique gift that her mom still reads quite often

game-app-giftGame App

My friend is a very practical, “I don’t have time for the internet,” kind of gal. So imagine my surprise when I found out she was on Facebook playing, “Words with Friends.”
Then, another of my friends admitted she was doing the same thing.

Some sort of conspiracy? Sort of. It turns out that since their kids had moved out of the house, they play these games to keep in touch without being nosy. When their kid takes a turn, Mom knows they’re home for the evening. Sweet.

LyricsFramed Lyrics

A different take on the poems about Moms that’s easy on the wallet. If you know what her favorite song is, grab a piece of heavy card paper or construction paper, using your best handwriting, write out the lyrics (which you can usually find at songlyrics.com or lyricsfreak.com,) and pick out a frame at the dollar store (which you can paint if you have a little more time). Encore!

Bath Sampler

There’s more than meets the eye with a bath sampler. Not only is it an attractive price, if you have a little more to spend, you can buy a second aroma. That way, if Mom likes the scent, you can get it again.
If she doesn’t, you didn’t blow your savings on something she isn’t going to use. Plus, everyone gets tired of the same scent, over and over. Smaller bottles mean more variety.

Adult Coloring Book

No, not that kind of, “adult.” We’re talking about your Mom so get your mind out of the gutter. These are coloring books for adults, not about adults and you don’t have to pay for them. Go to ColorMandala.com. Click on Design New and start with a circle, and just play with the radius and size on each object until you get something that looks decent.

Download it as a jpeg and print it out with your favorite picture viewer (don’t forget to preview it to make sure it fits on the page). I recommend Irfanview (also free) with a setting of “Best fit to page” (aspect ratio). Rinse and Repeat (No, don’t really rinse the paper. Just repeat the process). Then put them all in a binder or loose pages folder that you’ve decorated, get a set of colored pencils from the dollar store and you’re all set.

You can easily create a Mandala Coloring Book

You can easily create a Mandala Coloring Book

The one pictured took about 5 minutes – not perfect but not so bad, either – so you can probably knock out a book in an afternoon.

There ya go. A few quick ideas for inspiration. Just don’t forget to make a new finger paint birthday card.