High School Graduation Gifts From Parents

High School Graduation Gifts From Parents

High school graduation is coming up quickly and if you’re a parent still looking for some last minute ideas on what to get your kids, we have some suggestions for you! Not all parents can buy their kids a brand new car so here are some high school graduation gift ideas you can get your children that won’t break the bank and they’re still like!

Monogrammed Towels

Whether it’s getting them their own monogrammed towel for college or simply one for the beach, these personalized towels will let everyone else knows it’s theirs.

Details for the Monogrammed Towels can be found on Amazon here


If your kids are going to college, they’re going to need a laptop; and a good reliable one at that. There are plenty on the market and if you don’t know which one to get, here are a few laptops that we would recommend to help you out:

ASUS Zenbook : best value for the price, good battery of 9 hours on a charge
MacBook Pro 13-inch : awesome display, 8 hours of battery life on a charge, fast transfer speeds
Microsoft Surface Book 2 : durable, strong performance, 12 hours of battery life

Overnight Oversized Canvas Duffle Bag

There are plenty of uses for these bags. It can be an overnight travel bag, a gym bag, etc. Now they no longer need to try to squeeze everything into their book bag.

Details for the Overnight Duffle Bag can be found at Amazon here 

Laptop Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack

If they’re going to college, they’re probably be carrying their laptop everywhere in addition to their books. This backpack would be great cause it’s anti-theft and water resistant to protect their school work!

Details for the Laptop Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack can be found on Amazon here

Single Serve Coffee Maker (Stainless Steel)

They’re going to need their coffee, help them make their own in their comfort of their own dorm room!

Details for the Single Serve Coffee Maker can be found on Amazon here

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Simple earbuds may not do the job, especially if their dorm floor is loud and they’re trying to get work done. But noise cancelling headphones can go a long way in keep the distractions to a minimum. Plus, no wires!

Details for the Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones can be found on Amazon here 


There are plenty of good uses for smartwatches that will help your kids out and plenty of different ones you can choose from depending on what they’d want to do with them. If they have an iPhone, for example, an Apple Watch  would easily sync up with their phone.

You can check out the various Smartwatches on Amazon here

Amazon Echo Dot

Let Alexa help out your kids out in their dorm room with calendar reminders, checking the weather etc.

Details for the Echo Dot can be found on Amazon here

Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera

Let them capture moments and print out their photos for them and their friends especially since nowadays people don’t print out their photos!

Details for the Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera can be found on Amazon here

Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Every kid has electronic devices nowadays and having a portable charger will help them always stayed charged when they need it.

Details for the Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger can be found on Amazon here 

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