Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Finding gifts for tea lovers is actually not as difficult as you may think. For the passionate tea sipper, it’s like a hobby that doesn’t involve paint thinner, fitness equipment or wood chips.

How many teapots does a tea lover need? The answer is, “N +1.” In other words, how many they have plus the next one they want. So while you’re thinking, “they’ve already got a teapot.” They could actually be thinking, “I really, REALLY like that teapot!”

Keep your ears open and try to figure out if they just like that teapot they just pointed out or if they really WANT that teapot.

Russian Samovar









Maybe not the best idea if you’re looking for travel options or they don’t have a lot of space in their home or they’re not into antiques. Still, it’s pretty cool. They were built to house the wood or coal used to heat the water so it’s basically like an 18th century coffee machine.

Silver Tea Glass Holder











The next best thing is a holder for a glass mug. It’s also from Russia and is referred to as a, “podstakannik.”

DIY Tea Cozy or Wallet
These are pretty easy and there are plenty of free patterns out there. Even if you don’t crochet, you can still make a great cozy or wallet with some fabric (could be recycled) and fabric glue.

Origami Tea Bags

origami tea bag on etsy








What says, “I care,” better than tea bags folded to look like origami cranes?. Okay, there may be a few things out there, but this is a great idea for tea drinkers who are also into paper crafts and the like.
Origami Tea Bags on Etsy

Glass Tea Bag Holder

glass tea bag holder








These are just gorgeous. It’s definitely upscale from tossing a bag in the sink or back on the saucer.
Glass Tea Bag Holder on Etsy


Mint in a Planter









Spearmint, Peppermint or both. They’re super cheap plants to get at this time of year at any home improvement store. You can get a clay pot, decorate it out, paint it to their home decor colors and personalize it. Every time they clip some sprigs for their brew, they’ll think of you and your thoughtfulness.

Unique Tea Infusers

These are super-cute and it seems there’s an infuser for every personality type. They would work great as part of a gift basket.

Blooming Tea Flower

flowering tea in pot










The tea looks like a pod until you put it in warm water and it blooms.
Submarine Tea Infuser

submarine tea infuser









This is a sweet one that stirs the imagination.

Get it on Amazon



Kikkerland Tea Infusers

tea infuser from kikkerland











They have a variety of infusers for all kinds of infusing fun.

Find them on Amazon



Tea Chest

This collection by Tea Forte’ (r) contains a variety of black, green, herbal and white blends. Whatever you do, don’t buy the detox varieties. That would just be rude. On Amazon

Loose Leaf Single Serve Pouches

tea forte chest









Travel Brewing Cup

travel infuser mug-2016










For the traveler or worker that’s short on desk space (very few people have enough desk space). There’s Tea Forte KATI Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System, Insulated Ceramic Cup with Tea Infuser and Lid on Amazon


Matcha Set

No doubt that Matcha is the star of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but what if you wind up giving them a bag of matcha and don’t give them the tools to perform the ceremony?
That’s a bag of matcha that goes in the morning smoothie… and that’s a waste when you can’t tell your matcha from your kale or spirulina.

Don’t forget the bowl and bamboo chasen (whisk). Adagio Teas has got you covered with a complete set.
They also have gift cards, tea of the month, and special blends (like fan teas and zodiac teas). They’ll take good care of you here.